Lectures and Workshop Reports

N. M. Nikolov and I. T. Todorov
Conformal quantum field theory in two and four dimensions (.ps)

I. Ya. Aref'eva, D. M. Belov, A. A. Giryavets, A. S. Koshelev and P. B. Medvedev
(Super) String field theories (.ps)

V. K. Dobrev
AdS/CFT correspodence and supesymmetry (.ps)

J. Madore and D. C. Robinson
Fuzzy-PP waves (.ps)

B. Sazdovic
Noncommutativity from strings by canonical methods (.ps)

Z. Rakic
Quantum groups (.ps)

Dj. Sijacki
Chromogravity - an effective diff(4,R) gauge for the IR region of QCD (.ps)

P. Manousselis and G. Zoupanos
Forgacs-Manton dimensional reduction and supersymmetry breaking (.ps)

T. Kobayashi, J. Kubo, M. Mondragon and G. Zoupanos
Finiteness in N=1 supersymmetric GUTs (.ps)

B. Dragovich and B. Sazdovic
Real, p-Adic and adelic noncommutative scalar solitons (.ps)

B. Aneva
The quantum space of stochastic processes (.ps)

N. Bokan
Kahler and Calabi-Yau spaces (.ps)

E. Malkowsky
An introduction to the theory of Hilbert spaces (.ps)

S. Pilipovic
Generalized functions and operations (an introduction) (.ps)

B. Stankovic
Laplace transform of generalized functions (.ps)

P. Blagojevic, V. Grujic and R. Zivaljevic
Symmetric products of surfaces; a unifying theme for topology and physics (.ps)

A. Lipkovski
Categories, sheaves and other algebraic tools (.ps)